Thank you for submitting your abstracts!
We are now in progress with the papers evaluation. On Monday, the 19th of March 2018, we will send you an e-mail regarding the acceptance status of the abstracts, together with some instructions on full-text papers upload procedure.
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Instructions for preparation of abstracts

  1. Abstracts and papers/posters must be written in English.
  2. Abstracts should contain the aim of the paper/poster, essential results and a brief conclusion. If only abstracts are submitted, the authors are advised not to make them too short or too general (1500 – 3500 characters, including spaces).
  3. 3-5 keywords should be written added, separated by commas.
  4. Abstracts should not contain tables, graphs, drawings, etc.

The abstracts of all oral presentations and posters will be published in a Book of Abstracts.

Paper submission

Follow this link in order to send your abstract for 9th CASEE Conference: http://www.medacad.org/2018CASEE/abstractsubmission.htm

Any questions regarding papers submissions should be addressed by email, to the following addresses:

  • flstanica@yahoo.co.uk
  • cristiana.grosu@usamv.ro

Resources for authors

Special information for PhD students
PhD students from CASEE universities are specially invited to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation on their thesis topic related to the general topic by 31st of January 2017. Up to 20 PhD students with full papers accepted by the conference will be exempt from the conference fee.

Papers selected for oral presentations can be submitted for review according to the author guidelines of the following journals:


  1. Agronomy: Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy
  2. Horticulture: Scientific Papers. Series B. Horticulture
  3. Animal Science: Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science
  4. Veterinary Medicine: Scientific works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine
  5. Land Reclamation, Earth Observation&Surveying, Environmental Engineering: Scientific Papers. Series E. Land Reclamation, Earth Observation & Surveying, Environmental Engineering
  6. Biotechnology: Scientific Bulletin "Biotechnology", Series F. Biotechnology (http://biotechnologyjournal.usamv.ro),
  7. Management and Economics in Rural Areas: Scientific Papers Series G. Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development
  8. Die Bodenkultur